These are the genuine 'Momotaro Bakki Showers'. Their amazing results have prompted the manufacture of many expensive copies. Momotaro Bakki Showers are the only ones that use the 'Bacteria House' filter media, which incidentally, is where the secret lies!

We offer Bakki Showers at two price points: Standard and Premier, with various weir or chute options being available. These systems are of the same design but with the main difference being slightly simplified construction techniques on the Standard system.

'Bakki Showers' and 'Bacteria House' are patented worldwide by Momotaro Koi Farm. Our systems are the only ones made under license from them.

Due to the expense of 'Bacteria House', we are doing our utmost to keep prices to a bare minimum so that the overall package represents excellent value for money.
Bakki Shower and Bacteria House filter media

All of our Bakki Showers are made in 316 food grade stainless steel. We have tried making cheaper plastic alternatives but they do not have the advantages of the stainless steel models. The biggest problem with plastic was that it was only viable to have a drilled bottom which was prone to regular blocking and trapping of debris.

All of our Bakki Showers have an open square mesh bottom. These are stamped out by computerised machinery so that the sides of the systems are integrated with the mesh making them much stronger. They are also fuse welded so that no metal is added to the welds. Cutting of the steel by computer results in accurate edges that can be fuse welded. This ensures that the welds won't rust like conventional stainless welds. The nuts that are used to attach the support brackets are pressed rather than welded. We have paid great attention to detail with these systems, and spared no expense!
Bakki Shower stainless steel tray

Bakki Shower weld

The overall flaring of each tier ensures that no water is spilled by the system and keeps it tracking evenly through the media. There are many options available for these systems, as well as bespoke units which can be made to suit your own application. Enclosure accessories are also available, for ‘over winter’ or open air applications.

The pond on the left features two systems with the weir option. These are fed with water pumped directly from the bottom drains with no settlement and no additional filtration.
  Bakki Shower tray

Momotaro's 1500 ton (330,000 gallons) pond. The use of Bacteria House filter media and Bakki Showers have enabled them to raise seven All Japan Grand Champions.

President Maeda was inspired to try and create two things that he thought would help his Koi: an eco-system similar to that created as water falls over the rocks of the Asahi River and the famed healing properties of the Bakuhanseki Spring. These qualities have been attributed largely to unusual emissions of 'far infra-red' rays, which were first discovered by Nasa, and found to have important health benefits.
  Momotaro 1500 ton Bakki Showered pond

Bacteria House is a synthetic ceramic blend that has been heat treated at 1300C for 60 hours and is the result of over six years of research.

This tremendous amount of heat causes the ceramic to break its internal bonds to create an extremely porous structure with a much greater surface area. This allows very large bacteria populations to colonise and also achieves mechanical filtration due to the huge number of tiny holes. Large organic solids and decaying matter are degraded at a far greater speed than conventional media and without blocking up!

The picture on the right is a close up of a piece of Bacteria House that has been running submerged on one of our ponds for two years.
  Bacteria House

One of the key elements of Bacteria House is that it causes an increase in adhesion rate with floating organic matter which rapidly produces clear clean water. It also emits far infrared rays that allow more oxygen to be dissolved. The graph on the right shows the far infrared comparisons of Bakuhanseki Spring natural stone (blue) and Bacteria House filter media (red).

Bakki Showers work very effectively at deodourising water and allowing gases to be released thereby lightening the load on the biomass. This makes the systems considerably less 'KH consuming' than conventional filtration. Bacteria House is also extremely fast at colonising bacteria, very resistant to damage from power failures or chemicals, and very fast at bouncing back after pond medications have taken place.
  Far Infra-red Rays of Bacteria House

The water produced by Bacteria House, even when submerged, is such that the Koi strongly favour swimming in the areas where the filtered water enters the pond. Appetites are also greatly increased.

Testing of Bacteria House has been rigorously carried out by both Momotaro and the manufacturer MTK. The President of MTK is a Koi hobbiest and has built three ponds to enable testing of endless 'blends' of Bacteria House, and other media.

Bacteria House was originally made for treating effluent water and won the accolade of "Best Filtration Media in the World" three years ago. The blend that Momotaro use however, is very different. Each tray of the showers at MTK is split into 5 divisions and each of these contains a different media.

The pond testing is carried out by filling the ponds with Koi, and then maturing the systems. Periodically, a sample is taken from each media and sent for analysis. They are tested to find which bacteria strains are present and for bacterial counts.
  Bakki Shower MTK research department

Momotaro tested every available media, submerged and in Bakki Showers. They weren't just looking for good water parameters but also for the best growth and quality of the Koi. Their findings were that Bacteria House, when submerged, out performed all of the other media. However, in showers, Bacteria House came into its own and gave even better results. They also found that Bacteria House media was the only one that worked in the showers as every kind of plastic media they tried couldn't maintain a biomass.

Daisuke Maeda once said to me, "Imagine you are sitting in a closed room about to eat. If a cat came in the room and urinated in the corner, would you still feel like eating? Well, it's the same for Koi! If Koi can smell their own urine, they won't eat so well. This is why Koi have increased appetites when Bacteria House is used, particularly in Bakki Showers!"
  Bakki Showers

This is one of the kilns at the MTK factory. Bacteria House is fired in their hottest kiln at 1300C for 60 hours. It is made from a careful mix of ingredients which is extruded and cut to length by hand. The whole process is expensive and limits production to 1.5 tons per day. So now you know why it is so expensive.

In conclusion, people generally think that the bacteria that deal with pollutants are the only ones needed. However, there are countless strains that make up the pond eco-system. It is of paramount importance to get the balance of those aerobic and anaerobic bacteria right if you want to make Koi blossom and grow healthily rather than just simply keeping them alive.

Please see our Appraisals page for information on how to use the Bakki Showers, and Bacteria House media.
  Bacteria House furnace